State Brake and Lamp Inspection.
Why do I need a brake and lamp inspection on my car?
The purpose of a brake and lamp inspection is to
make sure that a vehicle being issued a California
DMV salvage title is in road-worthy and safe driving 
condition before the title is rebranded a salvaged vehicle. 
The definition of a salvaged vehicle is any vehicle
that an insurance company has declared a total loss
in the past. The purpose of the "Salvaged Title" is
to warn prospective buyers that at one time in the past
an insurance company has declared the vehicle a total loss.
Most insurance companies WILL insure salvaged vehicles
contrary to popular belief. Most insurance companies
will provide comprehensive and collision coverage for
salvaged vehicles as well.
When you "retain" a salvaged vehicle, either because
of an accident or theft of the vehicle, the California
DMV requires the printing of a new salvaged title even
if the owner remains the same. 
The CA DMV requires that a State Licensed Brake and
Lamp Inspection service conduct a complete examination
of these critical items on a vehicle the will help ensure
the safety of the vehicle while it is being driven on the 
At Big E Automotive, once the inspection is complete
we will present a state certificate documenting that
your vehicle has passed the safety inspection which will
then be presented to the DMV when the application for
salvaged title is requested.